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Long Form Video

Documentary or dramatic, we tell your story thoroughly and with gusto.

Short Form Video

More like a snapshot, short form video is good to make a specific point.  And we make the point stick.

Social Media

Very short, very focused, very memorable. Little nuggets of gold for your audience. 





Shumway Studio is a strategic partnership.  Two award-winning media creators coming together to offer a whole that is greater than its parts.  Passionate and collaborative, and yes, fun.  You’ll enjoy the process as much as the final media that you’ll proudly share with your audience. 


Thad Vassmer of GreenTown Productions has spent his whole life looking at things from a slightly different angle and understands how people perceive messages in the media they absorb.  His empathetic ear and deep knowledge of filmmaking bring your communications to a whole new level.


Ed Plamondon of WideEye Productions is on a never-ending quest to learn, apply, then learn some more.  He is a filmmaker with a deep respect for the tools and how he can develop new ways to use them. Ed’s goal…to create the most potent message possible for your audience.

30 S. Shumway Avenue
Batavia, IL 60510
Thad: 312.339.4153
Ed: 630.631.6996

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